Monday, October 29, 2007

Spicy Chao Fan Memories!

Hey. We just got back from Manuel Roxas High School - you know, the school where the elections for barangay level officials was held - and I came home with a very great news.

What's that, you say? I just LOST the position for the SK Chairman to this James Flores and honestly speaking, I'm quite happy about it, really. Let's just say, politics was never really meant for me and I'm so thankful that I lost because I can't imagine myself sitting in that position without doing my service wholeheartedly. He won by 15 votes. It was a close one. But in the end, the rightful one for the position shall truly prevail.

I'm not having regrets for running on that position. Actually, the whole experience just made my semestral break a very worth of while. I experienced to be a leader in a week, making small decisions and mingling with other youths I've only known by face. I've made knew friends(or maybe let's say acquaintances) and experienced being a politician where shaking hands with other personalities and pretending to be close with some you've just met for an hour is like a cliche. You know, it's really funny when someone whose a total stranger would walk right up to me and treat me as if I'm a celebrity or some sort of a super high official or something. I don't know what's with them but often I'd just raise my right brow in curiousity and ask myself questions like, "Um... have I met this someone somewhere?" or say something like, " I swear I totally don't know him/her!!!"

And speaking of celebrity, I almost felt like one when we had our motorcade and when I realised all those flyers and posters oversaturating a poor wall or a tree trunk! It was embarassing, of course, but I saw that it'll only last for a week so it's better to make the most of it.

To the team of "The Dawn of the New Generation", thank you for showing me all of these stuffs, I sure learned a lot from you guys and something tells me that our team will not just evaporate after the elections. Congratulations to Jaja, Robin and Michael for making it to the positions of SK Kagawad.

As for me, lifegoes on. I'll concentrate more on my studies and I'll promise to do well in school. Who knows, maybe someday, I'd get to be a celebrity just like how I dreamed it to be(and certainly NOT a politician!!!). At least for now, my dream to be an envoronmental warrior/volunteer will remain a distant realistic one. I'd rather work free with Mother Nature than be a prisoner of my self-imposed laws.

I don't know why I'm overjoyed by the taste of this sweet failure, but there's one thing I know for sure, and that's being a politician is not what God really wanted for me, not what my family and friends really wanted for me, and not really something I wanted for myself. I accepted my fate as a candidate and I played my part no matter how I hated it at first. My burning passion is NOT in any way or another related to POLITICS. That's the reason why the taste of bitter failure tastes so sweet for me.

What will I miss after this "running-for-SK-Chairman" week? Well' I'll surely miss those times we spend under the sun with our campaign tees on. I will miss the feeling of complete burn-out and satisfaction mixed with a pinch of hunger and sometimes irritation. I will miss our team - The Dawn of the New Generation. And finally, I will miss those times I ate the Sweet and Spicy Chao Fan during our meriendas in ChowKing.

I will never forget all these wonderful times I spent with them.



  1. hi noah, sayang naman at you lost over to whoever that winner is, imagine 15 points lang, one thing i salute you for is your submissiveness to accept the defeat, di gaya ng iba jan na sinabi dinaya daw sila or what, as a member of the filipino youth, you can still do your part naman eh, di ba?

  2. yeah...

    everybody's comforting me nga eh...
    but I said, there's no need to because I accepted it naman...

    my secretary cried for me though, and it turns out na ako pa ang nangcomfort sa kanya!

    nakakatuwa lang... ;)


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