Monday, October 29, 2007

Boring Busy Day

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This day has been a very tiring day. All those last minute preparations professors in our minor subjects required, the quizzes, the departmental exams and finally, the thrill of the upcoming semestral break. They have succeeded in draining all my energy out! I was completely exhausted as our last subject ended, my head ached and had a terrible longing for home. We will have our final exams tomorrow on our math subjects (College Algebra and Trigonometry) and while my friend is telling the rest of our trio that he's so eager to go home to study, my mind was already drifting on taking it all in bed. When I got home I quickly ate my dinner (all alone!) and played my brother's guitar that has been accumulating dust for so long. Somehow, all my worries about those exams vanished and all I cared about was relaxing and going to bed.

Despite all the hassle, I can still say that this day wasn't really as bad as it is. I saw Kitty and Peanut as I got off the jeepney I rode from school. I had a brief chat with Peanut on her way to the next jeepney station. It was well, okay. Aside from that, I'm starting to see stars in the night skies again constantly reminding me of all the high school drama I should get over with.

It was heartwarming and exciting to feel exhausted with all my school works again after almost seven months. Now I'm really starting to feel college :)

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