Monday, November 26, 2007

Merged storms threaten RP

Seven people have died and tens of thousands evacuated from their homes as typhoon “Mina” (international name Mitag) approaches the northern Philippines, the National Disaster Coordinating Council reported yesterday.

Apart from Mina, which is expected to make landfall in Isabela province before dawn today, two other weather disturbances will hit the country in the next three days.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) said super typhoon Mina has weakened but remains in the Philippine area of responsibility.

Pagasa director Prisco Nilo said typhoon Mina, which is moving toward the northeastern provinces of Aurora and Isabela, “influenced” the movement of tropical storm “Lando” (international name Hagibis), causing it to re-enter the country today after it ripped through the country last week.

Lando is expected to make landfall either today or tomorrow in Palawan.

The third weather disturbance, tropical depression “Nonoy” which has been monitored in the Pacific Ocean, is expected to enter the Philippine area by Thursday.

During a press briefing at Camp Aguinaldo yesterday afternoon, Nilo said Nonoy would hover over the Philippine Sea, where it could meet and merge with Lando.

Six people drowned and one was electrocuted by a fallen power line in the Camarines provinces where the initial effects of Mina were felt.

Nilo said the two storms will likely head to Japan and are not expected to hit land, but could still trigger rains in the eastern seaboard.

Tropical storm Lando made a u-turn back into the central provinces or a weather phenomenon called the “Fujiwara effect” after it was pulled by typhoon Mina.

Nilo said: “Fujiwara effect takes place when a storm with stronger winds influences the direction of a nearby storm with weaker winds. There was an interaction between the two storms, Mina and Lando.”

Mina packs maximum sustained winds of 160 kilometers per hour near the center while Lando, which was headed for Vietnam before it turned back, has maximum sustained winds of 95 kilometers per hour near the center, Nilo said.

As of 4 p.m. yesterday, the eye of Mina was spotted at 180 kilometers north-northwest of Virac, Catanduanes or at 180 kms east-southeast of Casiguran, Aurora, with gustiness of up to 195 kph.

Mina is expected to be at 50 kms west of Tuguegarao City this afternoon; 80 kms northwest of Laoag City tomorrow afternoon; and at 240 kms north-northwest of Laoag City or at 230 kms west of Basco, Batanes by Wednesday afternoon.

Mina made a turn toward Aurora and Isabela last Saturday after veering away from the Bicol region.

Pagasa said moderate to heavy rains are expected over northern Luzon today. Metro Manila will have cloudy skies and rainshowers starting today until tomorrow.

Pagasa warned residents in low-lying areas and near mountain slopes under public storm warning signals against possible flash floods, mudslides and landslides.

Likewise, those living in coastal areas are advised to be alert for big waves or storm surges generated by this tropical cyclone.

The article above was extracted from the news article of Cecille Suerte Felipe of the publication Philippine Star(November 26, 2007 ). If you want to read the rest of the article just click

I felt like the need to publish this article because of the growing concern over our brothers and sisters up there in Luzon. I have always been interested in the ever-changing weather and climatic conditions experienced all around the globe because of Global Warming. As we can remember, the Philippines experienced a prolonged dry spell over the first months of the supposed rainy season. This extended summer caused a great deal of concern among us as many suffered from heat stroke and as a threat on energy matters emerged because of the great decline of water in our the main dams.

But now that the rain has come, I think we are having too many... too many typhoons! The "Fujiwara Effect" came into picture after I read this article. It's scary. Who knows what destructive forces 2 merged storms may bring us!!!

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