Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Moon

I sat in front of the window, with my journal and a pen in my hand, as I quietly listen to the soft whisper of the cold breeze of the upcoming holidays. I just sat there, staring blankly at space, waiting for a subject that might acidentally stumble in for my next reflection.

I gazed up the dimming sky and saw the beauty of the waxing moon shining brightly upon the dark endlessness of the night. I was surprised, of course. Seeing stars and constellations have been a rare phenomenon for me. I thought the moon would be the same after weeks of hiding beneath those gray clouds at night.

Looking back, the moon has always shone brightly during my happiest and most peaceful times. Pressing the fast forward button, something tells me that its the current state of my journey. I'm so happy to feel at ease despite my everyday stresses. ('',)


  1. hi mangelnoah, i am so glad your current state positive, stay happy, after all happiness is all in the mind, well, i just read that and sometimes i think it is true...^^

  2. What a beautiful blog and soul you have.

    JJ :D

  3. TO Lordmanilastone and JJ...

    I... I really don't know what to say... Thanks... I guess I'm just dealing with my everyday stresses differently from last year... praying more often and going to church.... depending on God during my times of weakness...

    it all seemed so different from how I was before... trying to control and manipulate every circumstances in my life....

    bottom line is: It has always been about God... It's not about ME anymore...

    by the way, thanks again for those comments! ;D

  4. i miss blogging like this... *sigh... im still amazed and happy whenever i meet people who write about feeling.. it's like meeting a friend, a kindred spirit... ***


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