Thursday, November 8, 2007

White Butterfly

I've been questioning myself about my existence and purpose(once again...) since I woke up this morning and I've been very moody and irritated all day. I felt emptiness and despair for some unexplainable reason. A part of me was urging me to pray, telling me to seek guidance to the Higher One who can really help, but the other one was holding me back, saying to keep it all for myself.

I was busy sulking in the jeepney as I rode my way to school when everything seemed to turn upside-down as a sign from heaven showed up - a little white butterfly that I saw hovering just behind my left ear. It was there for a millisecond or so then vanished mysteriously into thin air. I know it was weird but somehow it pulled my heart back to God when a weird message registered in my head saying everything will be just okay and that there's no need to worry about anything. I almost broke down in tears there had I not considered the worried faces and reactions of the other passengers.

I never saw that butterfly for the rest of the trip but throughout the day I almost counted the large number of butterflies I normally don't notice on a usual day.

Except death anniversaries and Undas where a black butterfly is commonly seen, I never really cared about seeing butterflies until this very day.


  1. it's really amazing to see how God sends his tiny creatures to remind how important we are to him, your Higher Power I know always looks after you, keep up being a child of faith^^

  2. Thank you poh for stopping by and leaving a comment!!!

    Dont worry, I will!!! ;D


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