Monday, January 21, 2008

Smile from a Stranger

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I went yesterday to a local bookstore to buy some supplies that I needed for our next plate in Visual Techniques. After browsing some books basically to let time fly, I decided to leave when I read that it's almost 5:00 in the big white clock just above the escalator. I remembered that it's almost time for the the mass I scheduled myself to attend that afternoon.

In a rush, I quickly went to the counter to purchase the supplies I've been holding for almost an hour. Then there it happened. I caught a glimpse of the saleslady staring at me. She stood there while I was handing out the cash. She smiled. The ticking hand of the clock completely stopped. And a strange feeling engulfed my whole being. Very magical.

Something tells me that she sealed that smile with her whole sincerity before giving it to me. Salesladies normally smile to show hospitality but this one is completely different. I don't know why but I just know it.

I left that bookstore with a happy and an uplifted spirit. I realized that it only takes a smile, just one smile, even from a stranger to make my day. Now it's time for me to share that sincerity the strange saleslady gave me.

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