Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forgotten Dream

I woke up this morning as the warm rays of the early morning sun entered my room, forcing me to cross the realm of dreams to the world of reality. I realized I just woke up from a dream I've never had before. It was oddly familiar. The characters are from long ago, from those whom I considered very close to my heart as a young kid. But like my other usual dreams, traces and fragments of what I can remember would only exist in my slumber and will vanish as soon as I wake up.

I lie awake in bed, covered in sweat, staring blankly at the wall clock hanging on the opposite wall from my bed. 6:53am, it read. I was still trying to recover the pieces of that dream but I only failed. The feeling was almost almost nostalgic, as if jerking up something completely forgotten and lost from oblivion. Certainly, I'm having one of those strange and magical moments again...

Strangely enough, I felt refreshed and energized from that sweet slumber. I've never felt so alive and vibrant to start my day again. It may sound silly but the rain last night must have washed away all the burdens of my heart. Whatever they were that kept boggling my mind every now and then. What a very strange way to start my day, don't you think?

But despite the renewed feeling that has enveloped my being; I can't seem to ignore this odd sensation that I've forgotten something; something very important.

Outside the walls of our home, life goes on beyond all these pondering. Scarlet bougainvillea flowers continue to fall and litter the grounds. The trees kept shedding its dried and crippled leaves. The rising sun in war over the gray clouds for authority in the sky. And the orchestra of summer crickets unusually overpowering the noise made by the routine of the whole urban population.

I wonder if my dream tonight will be the same just like the one I just forgot...

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