Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I was reading the recently established blog of a close friend the other night when one of his posts struck me. It was about high school life and all the things he missed about our last year as a senior.

The post was short. It's construction was more like a list than an essay. It was unornamented with deep and heavy words --- completely not even a sign of verbosity like other personal blogs I've been to. It was simple and plain yet it was packed with sincerity that has managed to reveal all the melodramatic and cheesy thoughts and emotions I've kept hidden in the corner of my heart for so long.

Adjusting on that transition - that is, from high school to college - that will determine the course of our career an life is something that I think everyone has experienced in their lives.

The experience can be depressing or even traumatic for some, considering all the sudden changes academically and socially. But as a being programmed for adaptation, I think everyone has learned, over time, to adjust to the new situations and surroundings and to let go or rather, push all the memories that may have brought about feelings of great sorrow and loneliness, on a corner inside our minds and hearts.

I've honestly grieved over my high school life for my whole first semester as a college freshmen. From time to time, I'd be on this nostalgic mode with my new acquaintances(block mates) talking about our different crazy and wild high school chronicles and experiences or sometimes finding myself alone staring blankly in space as a sentimental moment flashed out of nowhere.

There are times that I'd want to do nothing else but cry. Shut myself inside my room and just cry out to God. But every time I try to do so, I just always get the same answer. That all the people we meet in life would come and go, either leaving us something or parting them with something in their hearts. That changes are the only permanent things in life. That life goes on and that even grieving won't stop it.

Our experiences with regards to all the changes and transitions in our life may differ in every which way. But one thing's for sure, that over time, no matter how long it may take, we'd have to let go and move on with all these changes. You know it ain't called transition for nothing!

I'll be turning sophomore next school year. I can't believe how time fly by so fast. The beginning entries of my journal and posts in my blog are all about these sudden college culture shocks. I can't imagine myself right now, one year after, sharing my views about my personal transitions.

And yes, I can never forget the thing I once said. It was from a song that became my thought from time to time during these longing moments with my high school buds. We still have a long way to go - a whole lots of things to experience and a whole new mountains of struggles to conquer. but in the end, I'd still want to be standing at the beginning with them.


I personally dedicate this post to a very close and special friend who just flew last Monday with her family to live in Virginia, United States. She has issues on her own regarding with all these transition and sudden changes in her life. I can't imagine her situation, given that she'll be living far away from the land where she was born, literally being worlds apart from us.

Peanut, I know you'll be back sometime sooner. We’re going to miss you, girl! In the mean time, always take care and never forget to pray. Guess we'll just keep in touch through the Web. Remember that we may be worlds apart, but no matter how far you are from us, we are all still under the same sky.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Do you still remember that classic composition? I’ve been making several arrangements I could play the next time we meet. I’ll be waiting…

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