Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shutterbug - Wannabe #001

I've been fooling around with our digicam last summer. You know, you look at things and then suddenly, a spark of inspiration would trigger a big explosion inside your head. I'm neither a professional photographer nor a photojournalist, but given the chance, I would really bite at it because I really love taking photos. It just feels different every time I play with the angles and perspectives, the contrasting colors, and the lights and shadows of a subject interest. You know, finding something pretty and interesting even in the middle of the most mundane inanimate objects. Pretty much like the ones our professors teach at school, only this time I'm not with my pencil and paper or even with my brush and water color. I guess, I've just found my new interest.

I call this set of pictures "Kape't Paminta", meaning "Coffee and Paint" in Filipino.

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