Sunday, October 26, 2008

Second Semester Starts

Whew!!! Classes resume tomorrow as I say my goodbye to this very long and refreshing break. Second semester will finally start together with all the new challenges and plates I have to face. I'm just very excited and I feel the enthusiasm flooding all over me!

I’ve been reading weekend newspapers in search for the latest trend and going-about in the world of interior and architectural design. I'm so in to this! It's like I'm hungry and I want some more!

Well, anyway, the photo above was a quick flick taken in front of our church after the mass where my mom has finally and officially become a lector/commentator. I'm very happy for her. And I'm sure she is too after that first nerve-wrecking experience in front of so many people.

I wonder when it will be my turn to serve in our church. I pray that my wait won’t be that long.

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