Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vitual Loser!

I haven't been writing much on this blog lately. It's been almost a month since my last post and I don't know if I should be happy about it or what.

Web connection in our computers messed up so I'd have to go out on an Internet/ computer cafe if I really wanted to update my posts. But the thing is... I'm broke. I spent all my savings on a set of techpens and a book about the History of Architecture I bought the week before classes started, so I'm practically back to zero and practically abstaining from being online unless I really, really have to.

An occasional post, say once a week, would do since I'm also trying to be dead-serious about my studies. I have to sacrifice the time I spend doing things online to invest more time for my plates. In short, I just don’t waste my time anymore.

Now is the time to straighten my priorities up. I'd been ranting about getting a life the moment I felt I'd been spending half of my day in front of the television and computer. I guess this is a chance for me to stop, look in front of the mirror and see how much of a loser I've become because of Net addiction.

I don't want to be called a 'netizen' or a 'mouse-potato' or whatever the term they can think of to call those who are wasting their valuable time in the virtual world.

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