Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Shopping and procrastination.

Those two goes very well together for most Filipinos especially during the holiday season. Many rush up to the mall to conduct their last-minute shopping as the season of presents and parties linger. With a long list of names, a credit card, or a wallet/pouch jammed full with money, a typical Filipino will do what ever it takes, come crowd, heat and confusion, to snag great finds in the nearest and cheapest malls.

I never really liked being in the crowd especially in malls during this time of the year. Aside from the heat, visual chaos, and the usual confusion, that awful smell from various sweat glands of different people coming from all ages and walks in life, is just unbearable owing to the fact that the whole complex is air-conditioned.

I was hesitating yesterday to come in my Ate and Kuya's day at SM North Edsa. I know I'd be having a bad day if I would tag along but my desire to see the renovations and developments that has been going on for months in the said '3rd largest mall in the world', prevailed inside me.

And so went and had our very own last-minute Christmas shopping.
Heck, I hate the rush but overall we had a great day, really. We snagged all that our hands (and pocket) can grab, ate in two fast food, walked in all the shops that we could walk in, visited Cyberzone and bought a new phone, ACE Hardware to grab some product catalogues (I kinda needed those to be familiar with the latest products in the field), and checked out the Annex Building that opened recently last Friday.

The Annex development was the best! I love its linear orientation, the use of glass, the twisting staircases, spacious scenic elevators, the orange and silver color schemes and the use of backlights and pinlights in the overall interior which I found chick, calming, elegant and just plain modern. My eyes feasted on every corner of that wonderful mall and I was so dazzled that I promised to drop by again when more shops have already opened.

I just love checking out new developments! And I bet I could do reviews and features for the rest of my life! Ha-ha! Looks like I just stumbled upon a new passion!

We got home at around 11:00pm, with hands full of goods, sore feet, an empty pocket and a satisfied appetite for a day away from home.

I still hate the Christmas rush but surely I know I'll be back in my favorite mall.

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