Sunday, December 14, 2008

How's My Blogging!?

I'm planning some major changes in my blog for the year 2009. Since my priorities as an individual changed I'm thinking to might as well reflect it in the overall content and look of the page. Below are my plans, you know, just a mental note to myself in case your wandering why am I writing this post:

* blog in Filipino, my native language where I can express myself more. I'm a proud Pinoy. And I want my fellow men to see that.

* spill more juices about my life as an architecture student since I don't see much of that in the Net. All the sleepless cram nights, product reviews in the field, and informative articles regarding design and architecture! Whooh!

* embrace this page as my own with no inhibitions highlighting my everyday adventures and misadventures more than the mere opinion and rantings.

* more of my shutterbug-wannabe shots, artworks and maybe vlogging (haha! I'm a virgin in that!)

* And it's weird to be talking to no one but in case your a stranger that happened to be reading this post, just kindly asking your opinion on what you want to see more in this page.

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