Thursday, December 18, 2008

High Notes

I'm new in the music ministry of our parish and I'm living my dream of singing in a choir as my service for the Lord. It was fun but I realized that it wasn't as easy as it looks like when you’re already in action making all the preparations and all for the Mass. Okay, it's either I'm making that rash commentary because I'm new or our parish truly is in what I prefer to call a 'musical crisis'.

I never would have known that our parish is in desperate need of new choir members and groups had I not grabbed that opportunity to join after the Class 37 of Parish Renewal Experience which I had undergone last November.

It was something I had wanted so badly all along and now I'm offering all I have to sing passionately and wholeheartedly every Mass with the rest of the group Friends of St. Paul. I hope my service for my parish is something that would last which I could look forward to in my growth as a Christian.

Hopefully after many rehearsals and a thousand voicing exercises I could work out those high notes I'm having a hard time to reach singing as tenor.

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