Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009!!!

Different. Strange. Peaceful.

I'm still trying to look for the right words to describe our family's celebration of New Year. This year was definitely and completely different from the previous ones. There's not much fuss in the custom and traditions and all. Sure there was the usual red shirt outfit, coins in all the nooks and corners of the house and round fruits and pastas on the table. But I guess, we robbed them off of their meaning this year. Don't know with other folks if they still believe in those Chinese 
'luck' rituals but ask us and we just couldn't care less.

Heck we did not acquired more than what we need in the name of luck. There were 
less food (just those yummy carrot and mocha cupcakes my brother made! Yeah, and those scrumptious tuna pesto!), no firecrackers (better safe than sorry but we did watch our neighboring street's feisty night sky display), and less preparation (we weren't really expecting a lot of visitor because of the weather).

We spent the last minute countdown in front of the television and I was literally dead beat from the long hours of cleaning and decluttering (good thing there was Channel V's marathon of 9o21o to accompany my cold hours of waiting!)

Am not really in a festive mood nevertheless immensely content from the last Homily we heard together as a family.

I'm expecting a whole bunch of trials for this year (Argh! We still have a bunch of plates due Wednesday next week!). With the upcoming AQE next March, I must study very hard if I really wanted to pass. I'm kind of obsessed with changes but I hope they would be for the enrichment of my personal growth and development.

To end this post, I'd just like to quote on what I can remember from the homily of
Father Nong.

Looking back too much in the past will bring you tears and too much preview in the future will bring you fears, what's really important is how you live your life in the present moment. Forever be thankful to the Lord for every moment is a Gift.

A New Year means a New You. Just like an ugly caterpillar undergoing 
metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly. We should always aim on that because what matters more than the times you fall, is the number of times you decided to stand up.

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