Monday, January 5, 2009


Classes start again today. Boy, we sure have loads of requirements to finish and lessons to recall. I so hope that this year will be a better one with my studies. One of my goals is to be dead-serious with everything I do and to practice professionalism.

I'll find another time to post a complete list of my
resolutions or rather evolutionary measures I have to take to step up everything I wanted to change in my life. Ha-ha. I don't really believe in those resolutions triggered by this January effect like what Gino de la Paz of Supreme Team is talking about. Nevertheless, I had this strange urge last January 2 to list down my goals and wants and all the specific motivations and steps needed to be taken to realize these.

I'm so going to become an architect! If not, then maybe a professional designer! There has to be a way of sharing my talents and creative juices in our society. I'm really so in to this! Argh!

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  1. Good luck with the architect thing. Sorry, I haven't visited in awhile I've been busy. Best of luck with all you do.
    God bless,


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