Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick Overloaded Post!

Can't really drop by and blog. I'm overloaded with so much stuff to finish! My life as a student will always be busy with all the plates to draw and academic things to learn. My relationship with the rest of our household is going great and I’m seeing it as the greatest gift as an award from all the tired and sleepless nights I’m spending for my studies.

Church life? I'm currently in the music ministry of our parish singing every Sunday on a morning Mass. I've been slipping away lately from the covenant I made when I attended PREX but I still yearn to learn more about my faith. A relative just gave me some late Christmas moolah which I plan to spend on a book about Catechism or the History of the Church.

I wish I could share with this girl K all the things I learned about the Catholic faith from the time I decided once and for all to break from a Baptist Campus Ministry I once joined last year. I used to talk with her over the phone back in college freshie year. I kinda realize we’re slowly drifting away from each other.

Speaking of phone, a Teresian nun, Tita R, talked to me over the phone on her dilemma about her grandson. I really wanted to meet him personally to help him stand up from the situation he is in.

I am somewhat flattered by the idea of doing a favor for someone who seemed so reverend and ever faithful about her vocation. I mean, I'm not really as good as everybody else might see but I think I'm a work in progress and I'm learning.

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