Saturday, February 14, 2009

CAFA Idol 2009

 I just joined the premiere singing contest in our college.

It only dawned on me when I got home after our pictorial earlier with the rest of the contestants. We sang in front of the organizers of the event inside a room while the coordinator records the performance in a digital camera where by Monday, a video presentation of a faux-audition will be played non-stop in the lobby of our building.

It's my first time to join a singing contest. I'm feeling pretty okay and I have no issues with my nerves but I can't really tell what's going to happen on the day of the competition. I felt very embarrassed after being dumbfounded for about 5 seconds or so when I forgot the lyrics of the piece I'm singing. I really can't get over that moment. I think I never will, because that was the first time I also realized what kind of world I'm entering.

And the reason for my joining the contest in the first place? No, it's not about being known at all. It ain't about popularity or something. I just really wanted to sing, specifically, in front of many people, where in a million years I think I would never have imagined doing.

I wanted to break the status quo and face my fear. I really wanted to experience what it feels like to be up there on stage to give every spectator their share of free entertainment. This is where I can finally exercise all those hours I sing my heart out in the shower.

What happened earlier won't change my decision to enter CAFA Idol 2009. I won't be deterred. I won't be discouraged. I will practice even more not only to win (well, at least I'll try to) but also to prove to myself that I can.

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  1. hey noah!

    good luck!

    show everybody what you got and what it feels to break free...

    GO, GO, GO!!!!


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