Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creative Juice #002: Tarts and Cookies

I didn't know baking was fun until my recent experience with my brother's baking tools, mixer and oven for the last three nights.

For three consecutive days, me and my blockmates in the Food Committee had to shop for ingredients, bake and prepare (until midnight!) all the goods we had to sell in our Food Booth, integrated inside our block's historic display and exhibit of Roman Architecture and culture, which is a part of our contribution for our college week and as well as a requirement in our subject in History of Architecture.

We sold cashew tarts on the first day, rock-hard cookies yesterday, and another set of tarts today. We won’t be baking tomorrow and will instead buy chocolate crinkles and sell it on a reasonable price to generate our final income.

It was exhausting staying up late to bake something, waking up early to prepare the table and setting of the booth, then walking out early while everybody’s having fun to prepare again something for tomorrow.

Out of sarcasm, all we can say while rummaging another supermarket was,

“Ang hirap talaga kapag nagka-carinderia!”

This week’s been a heck of an exhausting week!

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