Saturday, February 7, 2009

Certified xxxHolic Addict!

It's official. I'm so hooked in xxxHolic! I'm a frequent reader of its manga in I guarantee you'll love it if your ga-ga over anime and stuff.

I was particularly drawn to its famous ,"To change the world, you have to change yourself" line said in a certain part of the story. Its' kind of creepy and mysterious in some way showing the diverse beliefs of the Japanese in their traditions and because of its dominant concept of hitsuzen, a term with no direct English translation but can be renderred or interpreted as inevitability in the context of the whole manga series.

My other side comments? I love how its story line crosses over with that of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and Cardcaptor Sakura. And yeah, maybe it's in the hair, but is it me or does Yuko Ichihara looked strikingly similar with Ai Enma of Jigoku Shoujo which I also love?

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