Sunday, April 5, 2009

Site Review: Kill Jill Goes to College

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Monday, right after Easter Sunday is the most awaited dreaded day of my qualifying exams which I have to pass in order to advance in my junior year of studies in architecture. I have less than a week to prepare, read some notes, recall some lessons and practice manual drafting and rendering but here I am slacking off in front of the computer and typing this post. Ugh. I just can't believe I'm wasting some precious time again when I should be burying my head in the books by now.

Good thing that I've found Kill Jill Goes to College: College Articles, Links, and Personal Experiences, a great blog about college life which I can totally relate to. There haven’t been any helpful articles and good college resources around that help students in their studies and experiences in the wild jungle of higher education. I'm so thankful I had stumbled upon this one. Reading her posts just gave me a renewed sense of responsibility over my studies which I should take really really seriously in order to be a better person and hopefully a professional in the near tomorrow. Suddenly, I had this urge to stay up and read a couple of lessons before I call it a night. Hopefully, it would only take me a day of slacking off to realize what is in stake over these exams. I just have to focus and keep moving forward!

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