Thursday, April 16, 2009


Those were the very insightful words that struck me in a discussion I caught while I was profusely flicking the remote for some TV programs worthy for my eyes to see. I noticed that I had landed on EWTN so I decided to stick out and catch up from what they were talking. I learned that they were discussing something from a book entitled The Biblical Basis of the Eucharist by John Salza, and it was all about the lack of understanding of faith in the part of many Catholics nowadays.

This got me thinking. Sure, in the Philippines, I have to say that many Filipino Catholics are devout and sincere in the many centuries-old traditions and practices of the Church in the country but I bet even three-quarters of them don’t even know why. So many people are very ignorant on what and why they practice what they practice and that includes even the simplest things like going to Mass, the sacraments, or even praying the Rosary.

Many have developed strange beliefs that sounded more as a superstition than a Christian conviction while others who do sound like they have an idea ended up stating all these twisted presumptions that are not even close on what the Church really teaches.

I’m NOT being unfairly critical of our brothers and sisters, who have shown great faith and passion, it is just something that I felt needed to be addressed as I noticed during the Holy Week how many people flood the churches to pray, go over the Way of the Cross, and do all these things and that, but not see as much on a regular Sunday. Many tend to compartmentalize their faith during and only the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, but go back in their old ways during the celebration of weeks and days of Ordinary time. It is as if the only purpose they go to church is that because it’s what is expected of them. They plead, they cry, they pray and beg but not really understand the very reason of the season is about.

Probably one of the most empowering words I heard during the Holy Week was that of Fr. Rudy in an Easter Vigil on the eve of Easter Sunday. He said that we Catholics were not called only to be DEVOTIONAL Christians but rather and more importantly, PRACTICAL ones who from the name itself, practically employs and applies his/ her faith in the everyday life. Because the true battle is not in the pews and aisles of the church; it is out there, inside our homes, workplaces, schools, and in almost everyday where the cancer, aside from ignorance, is spiritual paralysis or the lack of sense of sin.

In conclusion to all these, I say there is a great need for every Catholic Christians to be evangelized, catechized, and sacramentalised. I believe that in our hearts, God Almighty has implanted in us this great desire to understand, love, and serve Him; an inexhaustible desire to perceive His mysteries. Even I became guilty of ignorance and spiritual paralysis but I am very grateful for I was privileged to see al my faults during Holy Week and ask for His grace to repent and truly understand.

In a world where modern communications have paved our round planet flat, it is very much possible for us to get all the documents we needed regarding the latest updates in the teachings of the Church, in just a click of a button. We were never left alone in our quest to get to know our Creator because the Church with some (if not all) of its clergy, religious, and laity has provided us with more than the materials we needed. Again it’s just in the case of taking the initiative to.

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