Saturday, May 9, 2009

Creative Juice #010: Glamour Living in Media

Sumptuous food from a high-end restaurant filled the pages of the newspaper that will literally make someone’s mouth brim over with saliva. Another page promotes a line of cosmetics and various beauty products promising an age-defying miracle touch granting your ever dearest wish to be physically (or more like facially) immortalized. And yet another one spills the inside scoop on all the latest bar openings and party happenings around the block clipped with several camwhore moments of different elite jocks frocked in designer-labeled luxury couture.

All the latest cars, clothes, gigs, gadgets, personalities, and food - it is not really hard to find bits of glamorous contemporary living in the media today. Tell it to the boy who grew up living in the city witnessing all these display in the newspaper, television, music, and online ads. What started as a mere interest in the current culture and values of a modern-day man have drawn me slowly into a conclusion of how money-oriented and pleasure-seeking people are in our present society. Admittedly, a lot of us fancy living the high life and we find pleasure in all things pricey and luxurious. But is this manner enough to justify how most of us judge one being by what one puts on and what one has accumulated and hoarded in life?

*sigh* Sometimes I wonder if the media is the reflection of our society or the driver in our society…

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