Thursday, May 7, 2009

To be a Saint

“The darker the night sky, 
the brighter the stars shine in the heavens.”

Great prophetic voice and discussion from the guest speaker Fr. John Corapi about reading and heeding the signs of the times on the show Living the Abundant Life with Johnette Benkovich on EWTN. It was enlightening they discussed how the majority of us are enamored by the glamour of living the contemporary life and how disillusioned, disenchanted and discouraged many of us are in the neo-paganistic and neo-atheistic idealisms of the modern times.

I felt my heart burning and I was really moved by the truth I heard. There are no coincidences with God and it is not a coincidence that I was born in this time of the history of mankind. Many great saints will be made on the latter days and now is a great opportunity for me, and for all of us, to be healed, purified, and sanctified; to rise and be a proclaimer of truth; to be the mouthpiece and face of God; to be a Saint.

And how are we able to do all of that? They discussed so many things during that show but below are only some of the things my slow hands could take note of:
  • Be enamored deeply in your prayer life;
  • Pray the Gospel of Jesus – the Rosary, live the sacramental life of the Church, and habitually go to confession;
  • Know your faith because ignorance of it is the most dangerous;
  • Strive in the state of grace for the enemy will always exploit you weaknesses;
  • And lastly, practice the Eucharist.

Again, “many great saints will be made on the latter days”… I hope I could and would be one of them.

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