Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creative Juice #009: dezgn journal

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I’ve been recently following the blog of Caroline from Sweden, who documents her passion and enthusiasm as an interior design student. I pretty much go to her page because of her design taste – which is inclined more on the minimalist stuff (“less is more”) that I wanted to incorporate on my own both in the plan pattern and the apparent volume of a structure. I enjoy looking at the images she posts that are often composed of spaces in well-defined lines I find simple, refreshing, and original with always that feel of tranquility and calmness.

Filled with musings about the unconventional (think outside the box!), her occasional stories about her life and some of the words she imparts through her blog (my favorite: "key for success is through interaction and knowledge") as she search daily for new knowledge and inspiration is somewhat contagious you’d almost feel as motivated too to get things done.

Overall, I find her blog edifying, sometimes informative with those small chunks of knowledge you’d get from between her words, but always and surely (as in my case) moving. I hope to read more from her.

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  1. Hey:)) I am so happy to read all these kind words from you. I am almost blushing.

    I accidently bumped into to your webpage while browsing. I will have to go through the rest of your posts now :)

    All the best.


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