Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creative Juice #008: Anatomos

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Anatomos is a “dare-to-bare” fashion collection for men I dreamed up a year ago. And today I get to keep in touch with the idea and as well as my hands (I haven’t held a pencil since AQE) after yesterday’s nonstop poking around sites about Japanese street fashion. The sketch on the left is inspired by my deep interest in men’s formalwear which I prefer to call the Kurbata line (kurbata = Filipino term for necktie) and on the right is a mixed collection of underwear and casual attire conversely inspired by the stereotypical look of a pirate with the dominance of bandanas, stripes, and crossbones prints in the outfit which I call the Pirata line (pirata = Filipino term for pirate).


It’s been a while since I drew anything but building perspectives. And I’m just quite satisfied by the dose of time I’m receiving right now to explore my other interests and passion. I figured after sketching and inking the drawings you see above this morning that understanding numerous theories and lessons about a certain field would be a waste of time without really getting your hands on it and put everything into practice. I have the rest of my summer ahead of me. I just have to make sure I won't waste it.

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  1. nice drawings kabayan...at ganda ng blog mo neat and clean too. keep going and may God bless your undertakings always and may your dreams come true.


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