Monday, April 27, 2009

Creative Juice #007: Street Fashion in Japan

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I've been snooping around lately with what men in several fashion districts of Japan are wearing. And it's official, I'm totally hooked! I found myself drooling over my keyboard as I gaze in their latest fashion statements. Not that there is an underlying sensation of envy and materialistic drive to acquire, it’s just that I found them literally packed with artistic and truly creative juices you’d almost feel inspired and rejuvenated inside afterwards. Boy, it’s a mystery where did those words came from but I think I know enough from watching multiple seasons of Project Runway, TopDesign, and Stylista.

I can’t say I’m not into fashion. It’s still under design and creative industry so I think even though I’m working myself through architecture and interior design; fashion isn’t really some faraway planet. I can remember very well how I got myself drawn into sketching human anthropometry then later on men’s apparel last summer. Have I considered changing fields then? I’m not quite sure. Frankly, I’m not really sure of anything right now. I mean what can you expect from a 17-year old eyeing his entire career ten or twenty years from now? Nah!

Check out the links below for more visual fest about street fashion in Japan:

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