Friday, April 24, 2009

Creative Juice #006: Student Preoccupations

Photo by David Yau

Our Dean once said in an orientation with parents regarding AQE that the main hitches with students today were their many preoccupations – the very culprit in hindering their focus and attention with their schoolwork. This is not always true since we can never make general presumptions regarding a certain group of people but on the one hand after having an individual inspection – a close and personal look about my current status, I must admit in some degree that his words could be true. He’s talking about the feel-good sensation on music, massive consumption of clothes and fashion in general, reality TV shows, vanity blogs, online games, and social networking services.

Taken aback by this great realization regarding myself and further vitally with my generation I found myself wandering if this is just a spur of the society’s expectations regarding the youth, an excessive saturation of pop culture in the media, perhaps a means of expressing oneself, or ultimately just a manifestation of today’s continuous search for identity and meaning.

If one can consider this as a crime as if these were the new illegal drugs, alcohol, and all other sorts of millennial addiction, I am totally caught red-handed with may be just a few couple of these. And I must admit I feel very cynical, superficial, and hedonistic and all about it. *sigh*

But lately, I found myself having this great fascination with the Japanese culture, something I consider as a different kind of preoccupation. What started as a small interest in their style of animation ended up in having this immense interest to assimilate myself with their language, contemporary music, food, recreational and job patterns, architectural and social structure and more recently with their fashion and more importantly with their values.

Can this be considered as one of those preoccupations, given that the Japanese were a great example of all things modern (and as well as traditional.) Sure it may be as well considered as a one but I guess in a different and in a good manner for a student per se.

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