Monday, April 20, 2009

Creative Juice #005: Three baths for the Record!

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Evident from my hang-over in our exam in History of Architecture last week, I’m just wandering how it would feel like to bath in a super luxurious thermae (or the palatial public baths) of the pleasure-loving populace of the Ancient Roman civilization. From the description I pictured last week while reviewing lessons, I depict it looked like an old grand version of the modern luxury spas in a completely massive scale just like the size of a mall! Surely, it would feel very majestic to have an opportunity to bath in one.

I'm just happy that it finally rained today. I took three baths for the record just last Saturday because of that oven feeling inside our house. It’s so hot you’d almost want to stay in the shower the whole day! What's worse is that even though it is bright and sunshiny outside, you'd almost choose to stay indoors because you'd literally get scorched if you won't!

Check these following links for more information regarding thermaes:

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