Saturday, April 18, 2009

Neat Freak

After the big exam last Wednesday, I buried myself in loads of household chores which I believe to have a strange relieving effect on stress. I’ve been cleaning, dusting, sneezing, scrubbing, sweating, organizing, reorganizing, and decluttering from 7 in the morning till 6 in the evening. I figured I have to pump my body up and just give my mind a rest which I crammed up to last minute in the big day of my exams.

I know I did well in the first day, which is comprised of Design, Planning, Visual Techniques, and Graphics, and I also got average scores in the next four subjects on the second day so I’m really hoping and really really praying that I pass because I freakin’ don’t want delays and retakes! I just hope my total standing in that exam is high enough to admit me in my third year of studies. The only part harder than the exam itself is the long wait and anticipation it will take for the release of results one month after. Whew!

Anyway, enough of those exam talk and back to household matters. Above were the scenes in our living room after we took out all the stuffs in my favorite rack only to find termites slowly eating out the lower cabinet. There were loads of mugs, books, and little trinkets my parents acquired as a souvenir in one of their visits in Macau. I kind of enjoyed the view of our living room looking more like a Chinese antique shop rather than a decent living space.

The last two days sure was exhausting! Nevertheless, I am enthralled to see all the accomplishments I made in our clutter-infested apartment.

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