Saturday, May 16, 2009

I made it!

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Yesterday I went to school to see for my own the news I've been receiving continuously since last Tuesday. And there posted on the Bulletin Board of our college truly is the list of AQE passers that made it successfully to their junior year of loads more of sleepless nights and tireless days of planning and working on their drafting tables. Providentially (see, I hate to use the term ‘luckily’), I'm one of them with an overall average grade of 80 percent. Asked by a peer how it feels to have passed the notorious exam I've been cramming and preparing for the late weeks of March and early April, frankly, though I didn't really told them this, there wasn't really any endorphin-jerked ‘I’m-on-top-of-the-world’ feeling I have always observed on student-oriented shows on cable TV.

Sure, I’m happy to have conquered the assessment that causes delays on most architecture students in our school, but seriously, though I’m not anticipating that I would pass on the first place, I’ve always had this sense of confidence and tranquil inside that I’m going to make it. That no matter what will turn out of the exam; it is by 
His will always that all these things are happening.

I’ve been praying all weeks and hours before the said exam on top of my studying. And maybe, He sure heard them and guided me through. Fast-forward to the results, I guess I don’t need that ‘high’ feeling to overly express that I’m happy making it to my third year of studies. Knowing that I took that exam with all respect and dignity (ahem! you know what I mean), and that calmness that lasted even after the exam surely is enough to draw a silent smirk not only on my face but as well as inside me.

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