Sunday, May 17, 2009

MadMusic#012: Life in Technicolor II - Coldplay

The British alternative rock band Coldplay has really got me this time. Ever since I heard their Viva La Vida song with it's catchy tune and lyrics (that had me thinking if they were Catholics), I can't seem to have enough from them. Conducting a little bit of research from the Net, I learned what a great group they are giving 15% of the band's profits to charity and actively supporting various social and political causes. And yes, they even give free downloads of their songs for a limited time in their official website (so be sure to click that link below!). If you go there now, you can download their free live album, LeftRighLeftRightLeft.

Wow, now that is something we could totally look up to.

Can't get enough of Coldplay? You may want to check the following links below:Official Website
*Short Biography

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