Monday, May 18, 2009

Around Araneta Center

There is nothing like a crisp afternoon walk after a short drizzle around the streets of 
Araneta in Cubao. It's been a while since my last visit among its many department stores and shopping malls so when a friend asked me to accompany him, I couldn't turn him down. I hear there are lots of on-going developments in that area including the Manhattan Garden City which is an '8,500-unit real estate project housed in 20 residential condominium towers' (model units available at their showroom in Gateway Mall on the third floor), and the current facelift of the old Ali Mall.

It just enthralls me to witness all the refurbishing and revitalization effort that the Araneta Center is conducting to the places I’ve loved and associated with maturity.

For more information about the Araneta Center, visit their
website here and check out the latest with their interactive vicinity map.

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