Monday, May 18, 2009

One day

A majestic visionary photo taken during our April Fool's gathering.

We had a small gathering yesterday on a friend's place as we celebrate her 18th birthday. Even though it rained (unbelievably, this happens every year on her birthday; a rain of blessings from above!), we enjoyed ourselves with loads of talks and updates, some food, and the nonstop cracking of jokes. I missed them so much I wish we could do these gatherings more often. But I digress; we wouldn’t really miss each other that much if we would meet regularly.

I drank mouthfuls after mouthfuls (well, not really) of cool red wine and lavished myself without any guilt on those yummy chocolate cake a friend brought from
Amici, an Italian casual dining restaurant in Tomas Morato where she works. It is clear that we were as idealistic as ever when we were back then. We were intermittently talking about our future plans and dreams in life; adventures and experiences in college; and yes, the more serious stuffs that mattered most to adults nowadays. You know, things that you never thought you’d talk about or even come into mind as a minor or as a naive student.

I came home at around 10. I had so much fun, had great food, and reconnected with the circle I grew with in high school. We are truly growing…

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