Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Humble Handkerchief

We participated in a Healing Mass in our parish together with the parish contemplative prayer group to celebrate my sister's 8th birthday. I needed to freshen up and I figured this kind of thing is what I needed. Through the mass, I stared at my white handkerchief and remembered one homily of a priest about its humble characteristics. Who knew a mere piece of cloth that sits inside our pockets all the time could have had so many functions whenever needed? And for sure, I know a lot of people who can't get out of their houses with this piece of cloth missing in the picture.

With teardrops welling on both eyes, I prayed that He make me a humble heart to see what a wreck I've become, to realize the gravity of my sins and to keep me by all means from turning away from Him.

I sat there in muted sobs trying not to distract my brother who sits just beside me. And it was in this point that without even thinking, I saw myself reaching for my humble handkerchief and drying my tearful eyes with it...*sigh*

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