Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spicy Chao Fan Memories: The Sequel?

And don't get me started on that picture of my feet.

Looking back, it was summer two years ago when I was urged by my father to run for the position of SK Chairman in our barangay. It gives me the creeps and as well as the laughs remembering those times I went through all that campaign shenanigans, including ringing the doorbells of those kids in rich neighborhoods parading my name all over the place and sticking posters of my over-magnified face on every living tree in our community. Click fast-forward to the present and I realize it is a laughing matter no more.

During the two days my group mates and I worked on that Design plates at home, we chance upon eating lunch with my father and ended up talking about candidates and party lists for the upcoming May elections. I thought I was experiencing a major déjà vu when he started implying again in front of my friends that I run for the position of Kagawad, this time replacing him in the office since this is his last term of service.

I consider my loss over the position SK Chairman two years ago as a blessing because I was saved from a community-sized responsibility (that almost seemed gargantuan for my average 16-year old mind at the time) of standing as a youth leader. I just can't believe I'm going through this all over again carrying bigger expectations from dad, and heavier future responsibilities

I don't know what to do. And I'm scared of what might become of me after all that.


  1. yes, it really is a big responsibility. i'm glad tho, that at least you tried than not having tried at all. :) take it as an experience. :) noha i didnt know that. how cool!:)

  2. kinakantyawan nga ako ni Nanay eh... sabeh nia pag nagkataon ako daw ang magiging pinakabatang kagawad ever... susunod daw ako sa yapak ni Herbert Bautista... aack...

    ayos lang but i can't even imagine myself being in that position...

    nakoh kung alam mu lang kung bakit namin to ginagawa... hai...


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