Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jamming at Tomas Morato and Timog

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The Earth Day Jam 2010 featuring renowned local bands and musicians who cared enough to lend a voice to Mother Earth is a free street concert held annually in Tomas Morato Avenue that is just nearby my place of internship. It was one heck of an event with artists and NGO's spreading the word of hope on climate change activism. But that jamming session which I later ran into is only half of the highlight last night.

The other 'jamming session' that also brought about the word of hope was held not far away at our parish on Timog Avenue with The Holy One of the Lord Catholic Foundation's Vineyard Class 39 and their first Vineyard Class Formation with Bro. Terry as their speaker on a lesson given about prayer. It was a come-back and a fresh start for me after months of darkness and dryness on my walk with Him. And I am glad to see all my Overseers who were also hyped to see me.

Much has happened during the first months of this year. One wrong decision triggered a domino effect that ultimately led to my very downfall. It took some time to pull myself up and realize that I'm back-sliding. But I am blessed to have been surrounded by good people in all aspects of my life even in the workplace it got me thinking that all hope is not lost.

Today, my journey continues. All glory and thanks to Him for inviting me on in this jamming session.

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