Saturday, May 22, 2010

Infinitely Thankful

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My last day of internship at
gsn+p architecture studio has been very emotional. It was an amalgam of sadness, happiness, excitement, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Two days after everything ended, I look back and started to recall all the lessons that have been inculcated by everyone both in my mind and heart throughout the internship program. The dinner we had catered by Congo Grille was great but the short program prepared by us interns that started with a small speech of gratitude have been quite affecting.

I wasn’t at all prepared with that speech. It was all impromptu. And so are my thoughts that are mixed-up at the time. I haven’t had the chance to thank everyone in a more personal manner. So though I know most of them will never get to read this post, I’m going to thank them all anyway in this cyber niche where I’m most good at. My heart welling up with gratitude goes...

• To Mam T for accepting me in the company and imprinting a great first impression of the firm.
• To Mam D and Mam C for being nice and accommodating of us interns.
• To Mam F whom I sensed a great deal of sincerity, thank you so so much.
• To Mam A whom I felt almost like my mom with all the lessons she taught us.
• To Mam J and my mentor Sir E for the time they have let us accompany them in one of their day. Those were special moments when I got to see from their vantage point as an architect and walk their shoes as a passionate professional.
• To Kuya D with the lessons he shared on creative procrastination and learning in general.
• To Kuya M and Kuya V for the stories they have shared back when they were in college. And to Kuya V for being such a nice chum.
• To Ate E for letting me help in the preparation of bid documents at the day of my first pre-bidding conference attendance. And for being so nice.
• To Kuya J and Ate R for the time I had my first site survey in a mall. The time I acquired an obsessive pulse to measure almost anything is priceless.
• To the RND Boys that are unaware of the inspiration they have left me with their wonderful works.
• To the Pretty Engineers who are happy enough to let us help in their busy works. I appreciate the times when I get to help with all the canvassing and quotations. You know how I’d rather do anything than do nothing at all.
• To the Fabulous Interior Designer whom I felt terrified with the first time I met her but turned out to be a great automatic posing camera diva. I appreciate all her fabulousness. *laughs*
• To Miss Secretary and her warm welcome with us almost everyday.
• To the Big Boss R for sharing stories of his starting days.
• To the Big Boss G for never falling short in providing us inspiration and challenges with all his pep talks in our meetings with him. It is ultimately because of you that I have become more determined to embark on the rocky road of being an architect. I will never ever forget the lessons you have imparted on us interns about the profession and about being a great father. I thank you for the effort you did on letting us see the bigger picture of life with that decision to take on the journey.
• And of course, to Ate G whom of all the staff I am very grateful with. Thank you for all the stories you shared (I guess I’ll be reading some more from your blog XD) and for that silent smile that never fails to melt my heart out. Thank you so so much.

My stay came and went by fast but I will never forget to look back on gsn+p as I move on that journey.

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  1. Thank you too =) You remind me of the person I was back then nung nag nag-o-OJT pa ko. keep it up. good luck sa studies and hope makatrabaho kita ulit someday =)


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