Monday, May 17, 2010

Internship Week 5 Wrap-Up

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My week started on Tuesday because of the May 10 elections last Monday. I was rather relieved to be here in the office because of all the going-ons the previous day. But I guess I’ll save that story for a more appropriate time.

I basically did nothing last Tuesday. It was another one of those times wherein you feel stagnant and all. Recalling the time I had a talk with one of the staff wherein I said that I’d rather be loaded and all crammed up than doing nothing at all. So I opted to fix up the deranged storage room again and read some research about CMS just to keep myself busy.

My Wednesday and Thursday was quite the opposite. I assisted one of the staff in preparing the bid documents to be used on the pre-bidding conference to be held that Thursday after lunch. It was about a proposed two-storey commercial warehouse to be discussed with the general contractors and the rest of the consultants. It was the first time I ever get to observe in one that was why I was paying real close attention to everyone, the manner how they speak and address their concerns, and how they generally deal with each other. I realized they meant real business. And it was then I truly realize I was witnessing the business side of the architectural profession in the construction industry.

Aside from the swatch board of McDonalds restaurant which I helped doing with my fellow interns, the other highlight of my week was also the meeting with one of the partners. He went about the usual way telling us stories of his endeavors (which are all interesting and I swear I’ll never get tired of listening), and also had a few icebreaker exercises. It’s just too bad that the moment I finally felt comfortable to speak up, everything was cut short due to some circumstances.

There are only three days left until the end of my internship at gsn+p architecture studio. If I were not here, I wouldn’t probably have the best summer I’ve just experienced. Learning something first-hand from the industry sure beats the hot summer getaway from the beach.

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