Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Internship Week 4 Wrap-Up

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Work started Tuesday this week in observance of a non-working holiday last Monday. I started off as a receptionist which I secretly enjoyed having to deal with something very different from what I used to most of the time in the office. I realized one thing from the work of Ate Reyla, which I experienced doing one whole day – that though she’s not in the production, her work demands a lot from her. Though it initially feels like I was stuck there answering and transferring phone calls, at the end of the day, I figured that the real interaction happens most in the reception area, entertaining occasional visitors and having those short random talks with the rest of the staff in the office. Another lesson learned from this task is that no work is too small in an architectural organization. I mean, even the most “non-architectural” thing is crucial in the entire process of operating a company.

I was also able to help one staff in drafting an as-built plan of a bookstore renovation project we surveyed last week. I was glad that I could even help just in drafting. Only it turned out, it wasn’t that easy at all. The data we gathered last week did not seem to match up once put in paper. The measurements were all messed up and it just blew my mind having to see him flustered at my work. I made it up with him until the end of the day to start over again but the measurements don’t really add up so they took off to the bookstore the next day to confirm the figures. Sigh. I can now see the amount of resources and work one puts in a particular project to get things done.

Anyways, in generalizing the standing of my week here, I’d have to say it has been pretty slow but unconsciously fast. Oh, the irony. Nonetheless, just as I have promised the first time I set my foot in this firm, I’ll make the most of everything by opening myself to all sorts of opportunities of learning. Whatever it may be.

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