Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creative Juice #15: Photography

Photos borrowed from bryllerelevophotography

Truly inspirational, these images caught my eye while going over my dashboard in Facebook. Apparently, one friend of mine is practicing his photography with his cool new DSLR camera and posting them online for everyone to see. It's been quite a while since I feasted my hungry eyes for some real visual gratification and seeing these cool photographs makes me want to buy my own (curse you green eyed-monster!). But I guess that's gonna have to wait for now.

Anyway, I think Photography is such a beautiful field I'd love to explore with all my might someday. The creative process you go through and even the end product has a sense of liminality in it that overwhelms my very being.

*sigh* All of sudden I missed my old Kodak C613 that suffered a horrendous death in our last college week. I long for that day when I could pepper my blog with my very own shutterbuggie goodness.

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