Monday, August 2, 2010

ArchInspire #010: Busy August

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Whatever they're doing to us, they're really doing a great job. Slowly and surely I am beginning to see and appreciate the beauty of my heritage and how great it is to be a Filipino. I haven't been updating this blog lately because whatever time left for me to surf the Web goes to reading articles, e-books and blog entries (Traveler on Foot and Akyat Bahay Gangster is a favorite!) about Philippine History in relation to architecture and urban planning. I haven't enjoyed my studies in college like this before that's why I'm very very thankful to my beautiful mentors for exposing us on various field works and places. I'll be posting sooner our recent Manila Heritage Tour, the fun plate we will be working about Binondo (centered on Chinatown and Escolta) this week for our subject in City Planning and the much hyped Ilocos Heritage Tour this mid-August.

It sounds too much. But I must keep myself braced so as not to get overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks we will be finishing.

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