Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ilocos Escapade

Traveling through parts of the province of Ilocos last weekend surely gave me the much needed stretch I have been wanting for so long. It was the rain to quench the creative drought my brain cells have been praying and waiting to come. It was the toy prize hiding in a cereal box of non-stop academic cramming. It was the perfect cherry topping on the previous two weeks of ramming our wits out as we work on our major plate in Design, another plate in Planning and midterm exams for a couple of our major subjects.

The tour was fun. And though for some reason it left me catching my breath all the more with countless picturesque scenes and lush greeneries, the tour while not as perfect as I had pictured it to be, gave me a refreshing stop to pick myself up, gather my once scattered thoughts and think. It gave me an opportunity to meditate as deep as I can about everything; about life in general, about my spirituality aside from my being an architecture student.

Witnessing the slow rural days from the bus window where everyone seemed content and at peace living the simple life, I figured that life may not be as difficult as many deemed it to be. I envy them for in their eyes everything seemed to be in the right place and at the right time. Like them, I want to live my life from a right perspective.

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