Thursday, November 18, 2010

ArchInspire #013: 20th PhilConstruct 2010



That's me with two beautiful engineers from gsn+p architecture studio, the same firm I had my internship last summer. I was ecstatic to see them. I just missed them so much :)

My friend and I spontaneously ended up in SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia Complex last Saturday to visit the Philconstruct 2010: Event 20th Philippine International Construction Equipment and Building Materials Exhibition and Technology Forum held annually during this time of the year. The event is from November 11 to 14 and the visitors who came that afternoon is surprisingly large given that it was the second to the last day of the affair.

It was the first time I attended Philconstruct so I'm quite stumped on what to expect. I should’ve foreseen though that what I’d witness is strikingly similar from that of a typical WorldBex Convention. The place is undeniably much better than the World Trade Centre, yet there are things that I guess will never change during this kind of events.

As superficial as it may seem, I am actually talking about the accursed sticker ID that loudly tells everyone I am just a puny STUDENT. It's a tried and tested sales rep repellent. They will instantly accuse you (at least silently in their heads) as creatures hungry and hoarding for product brochures, sample material swatches and business calling cards. They won’t waste their time on you knowing that you are not a prospective client. Saddening and intimidating. *sigh*

I had quite a time at the end of the day. It's already an accomplishment that I was able to memorize my way to and from Mall of Asia (tatanga-tanga kasi ako sa directions). It's those glaring eyes of sales reps that I can't get off my head. Oh, the horror.

Lesson learned: It’s not really about the volume of brochures you have accumulated that matters. It is ultimately about the knowledge and wisdom that you’ve gained from a brush stroke of the real-life industry.

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