Saturday, December 11, 2010


The Shutterbug - Wannabe is so back :)

I knew sooner or later I’d have to come into terms of what I really wanted in life; to stand still and re-examine the path I’m taking; to contemplate on the bigger role I’m about to play.

The Seminar – Workshop on Barangay Administration and Development for Quezon City Barangay Officials held last December 9-10, 2010 at Emiramona Garden Hotel in Tagaytay City is an appetizer seminar that was undertaken with the view to ensure neophyte QC Barangay Officials better appreciate their major roles and responsibilities in the barangay. It was conducted with the help from the staff of Barangay Operations Center and speakers from the Department on Interior and Local Government.

Highlights of the event are the camaraderie between fellow neophyte Barangay Officials and talks on
  • Leadership and Management by Thelma Joson
  • Barangay Governance and Administration by Clarisse Umangos
  • Barangay Local Legislation by Dir. Lourdes Agustin, and
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Management by Dr. Noel Lansang

The seminar – workshop itself is not perfect. There were points, specifically between the interpretations of the terms ‘concurrence’ and ‘approval’ in the Local Government Code, that sparked a heated kick between the rest of the attendees and the gobsmacked speaker from the DILG. The time was not maximized prompting the speakers and the topics jammed in a day which left us either unquenched or confused with what little information we had gained.

Nevertheless, aside from the numerous downside remarks (ramblings) I’ve heard after the evaluation on the second day, I am delighted at having able to made contact with people whom I’d say destined to walk the same direction. I’ve seen a few young ones just like me from other districts that share a similar story – running in place of a family member and having to deal with community affairs while studying. Given more opportunities like this for the next months, I’d most certainly want to establish a more stable ground for companionship.

In the end, the seminar-workshop succeeded in churning up my appetite to learn more about the field. My know-how is low but my motivation is most certainly high. I know it won’t be a breeze and heck it might get a little complicated but I know this is His will of equipping me for something much bigger.

I guess the appetizer brought forth true acceptance this time.


  1. wow.. ang ganda naman ng shoot.. parang lomo shoot :D galing :D

  2. the power of digital editing :) filter lang yan kaya nagmumukhang lomo :)


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