Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Classroom Scenario: Curiousity

We were discussing the purposes of research in our Research Methods for Architecture class with Dean when he read with a snigger the seventh purpose why we do research.

‘…to ultimately satisfy the researcher’s curiosity.’

And with a wide grin in his face, he began asking some of the boys in class what particular subjects (architectural matter aside) they are curious about. We all chuckled as he flintily continued fooling around compelling us to paint a rather inappropriate picture in our heads when he asked Q, a rather nice-looking student whom other professors clearly has a crush on, to answer. Q softly replied,

‘Sir, ano. Curious po ako kung hanggang kailan ako mabubuhay…’

A split-second silent trance seemed to have transpired when I heard his response. For a moment it seemed the noise inside the small classroom faded slowly in the background. Q was able to tap in the unknown appeal of having to face one of the most mysterious and philosophical queries in life. And clearly, it was contagious.


  1. ang ganda... u go on china or singapore daming gandang structure dun.. grabe :D

  2. ako, if why we are here in this world anyway.? hehhe

  3. @hot_bicycle: what on earth we are here for... hehe. quintessential ang magtanong sa purpose natin dito sa mundo :)

  4. i do not know a Q from your class...oh wait. i think i know pala. haha. really? contagious indeed. i don't think i'll answer something like that at an instant.

  5. @monique: nyaha... may mga ganung moments talaga sa loob ng classroom? hahahah!


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