Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Yeah, It's Official

The Mass Oath taking for the Newly Elected Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Officials of District 4 held at the Performing Arts Theater of Amoranto Sports Complex here in our barangay truly was a success. I was a bit nervous to say the least. This was after all a historic moment in my life that officially marks the beginning of my three-year service as a member of our community's council. The district councilors as well as our very own honorable Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte and beloved City Mayor Herbert Bautista was present.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte's inspirational talk conveyed a message about us newly elected officials of Quezon City as being half-part politicians and half-part heroes emphasizing the latter ego as something that must be dominant in our role throwing out the other as an image that has tainted our field of service with a negative connotation. She even pressed our accountability to the people and to our God who gave us this chance of service at the first place. I was delighted by that last line of course, knowing that He truly have surrounded me with public servant superiors whom I share a similar objective - nothing more but for the greater good of our constituents.

But my personal favorite, of course, was City Mayor Herbert Bautista's albeit comedic address (I was stunned at first but then gradually accepted his rather informal public address as preferable compared to previous boring speeches I've been to) peppered not only with hilarious farce regarding known personalities of District 4 (who was present in that event) but as well as exciting news regarding a short course training program for Barangay Officials about public administration. Notable (here comes the exciting bit!) are studies on urban and regional planning as well as environmental planning set to be taken from a University in Singapore! I squirmed uncontrollably in my seat from containing my excitement regarding what I heard (at biglang nahiya sa katabing SK Chairman na nagwaring tinatawag ng kalikasan ang kanyang katabi).

I felt like a handsome groom long-waiting for his bride when I wore my new barong :) It is the first time I had worn anything quite as manly as this.

Suddenly there came another opportunity I am itching to have my hands on.  It was like a last-song syndrome that kept ringing in my head for too long. And as if a shooting star came by waiting for some soul to avail of its wish-granting powers, I began hoping. I mean, really really hoping I could avail of this rare chance to be on a foreign land and learn about a beloved subject all at the same time :)


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