Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Prayer

"Lord God, we live in an age when sexuality is trivialized and when covenants are broken routinely.  We are bombarded with cultural insensitivity for the sacredness of life and what was once considered perverted is now common place and accepted. Please help me increase my sensitivity to the Truth of Your commandments and show me where I need to amend my attitudes and my actions. Forgive me my failures in this area and strengthen me to live a chaste life. Free me from the bondage of my passions and make me the master of my inclinations. Heal me of past hurts and the impact of erroneous instruction and guide my relationships in purity, fidelity and love. Amen."


  1. waw naman. ang aga aga mag pray. tama yan. keep God in your life. :D

  2. wow.... so cool :D
    everything will be fine in god time.. naks.. :D

  3. AMEN!

    peace be with you dude :)

  4. Hi frend. This site can help you. :>


    [Be sure to read all 5 pages.]

  5. sya nawa. virginity is good. :D
    be proud you're still a virgin. if you are? :D

    if not, may revirginization naman. it;s just a state of mind. :)

    wag ka magpa peer pressure. okay? stand your ground. :P

  6. @Nielz: secret! hahahah... nahiya naman ako bigla... pero sige i'll keep what you said in my mind :)

    thanks nielz... :)

  7. sa lahat ng mga nagcomment: maraming salamat :) hahah!


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