Sunday, December 19, 2010

And who says I'm not pressured?

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  • I'm so pressured to have a job and earn during this early time of my life.
  • I'm pressured by the amount of schoolwork I deal with everyday.
  • I'm pressured to stand up as a young role model in my community when all I want to do is fuck up.
  • I'm pressured to imbibe that I'm a responsible young adult when everybody else looks down on me with a smirk of doubt.
  • I'm pressured to have a big and chiselled body to portray a strong and intimidating image rather than be misconstrued as weak and lame.
  • I'm pressured to have a girlfriend and maintain the chain of male stoicism that runs in the blood of all the 'great' men in my family tree.
  • I'm pressured to have a big and chiselled body misbelieving that it's the only way I could get the girl of my dream or even just another girl's attention.
  • I'm pressured to wear the 'gender straightjacket' that what makes a man a man in this misjudging society.
  • I'm pressured to get laid and be nonchalant about it - the way you see it is bombarded to everyone in the media or the way other men used to about it.
  • I’m so pressured to get laid. Period.
Note: Nanibago ako sa mga pinagsasabi ko. Pasensya na sa makamundong post.


  1. Hello! I come from Taiwan's friend, very happy can in this for you introduce that our hometown beautiful scenery, welcome you the arrival!

  2. relax dude, take the time off muna, wag mo maxado i pressure ang sarili mo, dadating at dadating din yan,

    magtiwala ka lang, :)

  3. Get a naughty massage and get laid.

  4. Relaks nga. Hehe. Wag mo i-pressure ang sarili mo kasi madami na nun sa mundo. =p

  5. @ Aurelius: thanks :) you're right I just needed to trust... feeling ko tuloy sobrang makamundo ko :(

    @glentot: waaah? hehe :)

    @ Tsina: mukhang yun na nga ang ngyayari sa'ken eh. I'm becoming one of them :(

  6. relax take it easy

  7. find time to relax naman and enjoy life.

    part naman talaga ng buhay ang pressure eh di maiiwasan yan.

    the important thing is that you stay strong to face this challenges sa buhay

  8. @kikomaxxx: opo :) heheh...

    @hard2get: stay strong... right! thanks :)


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