Thursday, December 16, 2010

Writer's Rant

Most professors are quick to dismiss that a certain work is copy-pasted when the sentence construction, grammar and words used in a student’s composition is TOO good. I can’t blame them if that is what they have learned from years of experience. But I just wish they’d give every work a chance because NOT all students are that. I’ve been a victim of stereotyping and hasty generalizations for too long. I’m just so sick of it. Subjective writing (blogging, reaction papers, essays, etc.) have always been a niche for expressing my most sincere opinion regarding a matter. I put my all that I am to it. And to be accused of committing a heinous crime of intellectual dishonesty is a serious and painful blow. It’s simply disgruntling. Argh.


  1. naq dame na nging issueng ganyan sa skul ko,

    kame pa nga eh, dinidiscard sa harapan namen yung assignment namen mismo...

    pare2has lang daw kame ng ginawa, form of cheating daw....

    pero pucha pink, iisa lang naman ang tanong sa assignment niya at iisa lang din naman ang source na binigay niya,

    prang timang din sila eh noh?

  2. ako din eh nabiktima ng ganito kakitid na titser...

  3. @Aurelius: haha :) natawa aku dun ah...

    @ Kikomaxxx: pasaway na mga prof... hehe...

  4. see that's what i'm saying. you shoul've given him a link to your blog or something. haha. :D

  5. @monique: I tried... pero nagbackout din... hahaha... duwag talaga ever...

    kilala mo ba yung prof na tinutukoy ko?


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